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5 rating

I received a great haircut and did not have to wait very long!

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I received the worst haircut that I have ever received. I went in and my usual hairstylist was extremely busy, so I politely allowed another girl to cut my hair. The description I gave her was that I like it short on the sides and I comb it over on top and push up the front, what I got was an incomplete fade on the sides and not enough hair to comb over on top or push up in front. I stopped the stylist after I realized that she wasn't going to stop cutting until I was bald and asked her if it was still going to be able to be combed. She said she thought I liked it really short on top and that it would be fine, when I replied that I didn't agree, she asked if there was anything she could do to fix it. I don't know what she was thinking of doing, so I told her no because she can't glue it back on. I still can't comb my hair properly and it has been 3 weeks now, I typically get my haircut every 2 weeks. I understand that mistakes happen, but this was the second time this has happened and with the same girl. I also noticed that both times I was trying to explain to her how I like my hair, she isn't really paying attention. If you walk into this establishment and there are certain stylist busy and then that one who has no request, there is likely a reason for this. I have decided to start using a different shop, just don't wanna have to be rude to this girl if she is not busy and don't wanna have to worry about my haircut.

1 rating

Unfortunately, this is the second worst haircut I've ever gotten. My haircut is basic and simple, clipper on the sides and a little scissored off the top. I do not like to spend time messing with my hair in the morning. I went in about a year and a half ago and got a particular stylist who refused to use clippers for some reason. She tried to do my entire haircut with scissors (I have never had a haircut without clippers). I left there looking like Ron Burgandy. It was aggravating, but I just went somewhere else a couple of weeks later and had it "fixed." I decided to give them a second try because they are so conveniently located this past April. I got the SAME person. This time, she used clippers. I'd rate it a bad haircut, but I'm a guy and I just figured it will grow out. Besides, I didn't have any major work events coming up in the next week or so. I then tried them again the following month, and got the same PERSON YET AGAIN!! Bad luck I guess. This time was the absolute worst. She did use clippers....Now, if I had asked for a Mohawk, I would have been aggravated (I don't do Mohawks), because it looked like she was trying to give me one and ended up giving me a pineapple hair cut. Yes, that's right, my hair looked like a pineapple, completely scalped on all sides with a little tuft of "foliage" left on the top. I was aggravated but polite and tipped more than I should have and left. It wasn't that big a deal (second worst haircut EVER), until my wife asked "WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOUR HAIR?!! She was right it was awful and I had a business meeting the next week and it still looked horrid. It's been over a month and I still can not get it styled right. AVOID THIS LOCATION AT ALL COSTS!! I can not believe they'd let someone that incompetent work there for so long.

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